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CTRL+C, +V (Copy Paste) Best Idea To Build Capstone Projects

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Finally its 8th semester the 4 years of fun was going to end in next 5 months and the gang decided to attend first day class on time as a rituals. Professors were well aware that, there will be full strengths on first day, the last day & the day before exams so, they were ready with there A-Bomb for students.
This time the A-Bomb was "Capstone Project". The 10 credit game changing 5 months task either put your grades inside tombstone or rise it above stars. So we hear about the task and with in a week we have to make a 4-5 persons group, choose project & mentors.

The group was made in less then a minute but choosing of project was a tough call so we decided to come up with as many ideas as possible in next 3 days. IIIrd day the team member gather out in class and contributed our ideas eg. shopping website, social networking website, skype like software, google drive like …

Post XSS At : ""

I am Raghav & this is the story of how I managed get to get my name on Microsoft Security Researcher Acknowledgements for Microsoft Online Services (November 2015).

NOTE : I am writing my first POST plus not a Literature guy so any typos & grammatical errors in  my story Do Ignore.

Link :

I started my journey from January 2015 when I was working as Security Consultant & one day I thought "what the fuck I am doing with my life ? " & started asking myself some life changing questions. Although I got some experience & knowledge as I started having fun with hacking stuff since 2008. I was studying at High School then and like to Deface websites for fun, making viruses, using cryptography for cheating in exams & the list go on...

so, I looked up in the mirror & cursed the world & decided to switch from Security Consultant to Freelancer.
Now, If you starting as a freelancer and you do not …